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  • Myles O'Dolan

The F-35 Lightning II Australia contract

Program Partners

Every single F-35 war machine incorporates Australian parts and components. More than 70 Australian companies have secured contracts totalling AU$3 billion for the development, production, and maintenance of the F-35.

It’s important to note that workers for these companies don’t wake up, ‘eat their Weetabix’, and decide to take part in an internationally orchestrated genocide.

No individual should be collectively judged for the actions of a government or military force.

About the Contracts

We must try not to unleash our anger with stereotypical judgements, upon CEOs. Just as we can recognise the indirect accountability that we individuals hold through privilege (as a byproduct of colonisation and white supremacy), we collectively do need to recognise the indirect accountability that these companies and executives hold.

'It wasn't me personally, so I'm not responsible' is far too relatable within my own life.

Therefore, we should try not to hate CEOs that sign these contracts with Lockheed Martin; we should try to teach them, so they know from the bottom of their hearts, this is wrong.

Furthermore, these contracts can only occur because the Government cannot produce vehicles, weapons, and equipment themselves. They can't produce anything themselves, so they assign contracts to privately-owned companies. Thus, during conflict, the Government spends more money on 'defence' contracts and the nation as a whole sees 'profit'.

F-35 Maintenance Hub Contract

“The Government [in Nov 2023] signed stage two of a facility services deed with BAE Systems Australia worth $110 million, which is in addition to its initial first stage commitment of $100 million announced [earlier] last year.”

This media release indicates that the ‘boost’ of $100 Million will enhance the airport on Wonnarua Country to serve as a maintenance and service hub for the International F-35 fleet, expected to surpass 3,000 aircraft.


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